Write Content Email

How to Write Content Email to help increase message open rate?

Content is King. Do you know the secrets to make quality content, have the ability to draw customers open, read the letter?  This will help you increase your conversion rate to a very high level.

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Title email marketing

Your customers are often exposed to advertising information and you need to do something different. Placing a compelling title will help 
you make that distinction.
You must ensure the following factors:
-Stimulate curiosity
-Hit the customer psychology
-Contains words like free, unique today, received soon, do not miss
A good title makes your letter open more than 60%.

Email contains the brand of your company
Many people still do not care about this and still use free emails like Google. However, having your own domain 
name will help boost your business and create trust in your company.
The language in your letter must create credibility
Please call the first name of the customer at the beginning of the message. This helps clients to trust and increase mail open rates.If you want 
to get the sympathy of the customer at the first contact email marketing content must have this material.
Call to action (CTA)

Once your customers open the mail, lead them to your sales page. You will increase your conversion rate.

Make your email more dynamic with images and video
Images and videos in your email will make your email more prominent than an email with full text.
Absolutely not send email with content with only a large image.Email only with a large image will certainly not be in the inbox.