SEO White-hat

What is White-hat SEO?

White-hat SEO is when you make your website meet the information needs of your customers, while your customers feel satisfied with your website. In other words, white hat SEO aims to improve a website by focusing on visitors instead of ranking higher.  Need to focus on users, meet the needs of information search for users. That is the goal of the Google search engine. 

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Google wants to prioritize Searchers. Google wants its users to find useful information, through which they gain trust from users. Because of this reason, the web content is good, meet the user requirements will be highly rated Google and good ranking.

Quality content

Content is King. A search engine purpose is to serve what it believes to be the most suitable site for any search for end users.

When you search for a keyword, you will definitely prefer a site with relevant content that serves your search needs, rather than an unrelated site.

Quality backlink to your site

Links from other sites Highly rated by search engines and contextually relevant to the content of your site. Bad links are
 links from sites that are not highly rated and are not relevant to the content of your site.

In White Hat SEO, getting backlinks to your site from related websites will be worth more than dozens of spam links.