SEO Off-page

What is SEO off-page?

Off-page SEO is the job of building links pointing to your website. After you have done the basic optimization for the website as SEO onpage, 
the creation of the relationship on the community (SEO Off-page) will contribute to high rankings for your website on the search engine.
In other words, you include a link from another page pointing to your page.
Backlink building is a very difficult and time consuming task. 
You should absolutely avoid spam back link, because Google will pay attention to you with algorithms like Google Panda, Google Penguin.

How to make offpage-SEO effective?

Exchanging textlink  
You should make good relationships between websites / blogs with the same theme and focus more on your content to attract interested users to visit. 
The backlink from many articles of any blog pointing to the landing page. You massively, and many links from many different sites like that in
 a short time your website will be banned Google bot there. Remember, absolutely not spam. Google hate Spam.

Social Media Sharing
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin are the largest social networks on the planet that help you spread your site. You should put the "Share" button on 
your website and you create a Fan Page on Facebook. The number of users of these social networks is huge and influences SEO, including 
potential customers.

Automated backlink with IFTTT
You only need a few settings on that you have a completely automated backlink system and more importantly, all FREE!

You should use anchors that are relevant to most of your landing page keywords, or it should not be too unrelated, and should at least be 
related to one another. Use the code below to create effective backlink to anchor text that you need SEO. 
<a href="url" title="text" target="_blank"> anchor text </a>

Forum Comment

You should find forums that are relevant to your article content and respond to comments and place backlinks there. But you have to keep in 
mind that the content must be relevant and not spam.

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