Digital marketing hot trend 2018

The year 2018 is considered as the boom of digital marketing and e-commerce. If you are new to digital marketing, let me know about Digital Marketing in 2018.

Build your own niche site and SEO White-hat

Affiliate marketing is booming in recent years. One of the ways to do that is to have a personal website, or else you have to have a blog. 
This blog you created and you share useful information on it. You post both product reviews and your marketing inserts. When users trust 
and like the information you share, they may be able to shop through your link.

After having a decent blog, spend some money to hire a writer to write quality articles for you. These articles will help a lot for your SEO 
campaign. In this year 2018, SEO White-hat became a top SEO trend. The reason is very simple, Google hate spam. You buy backlinks in 
the off-page SEO campaign, your blog may be top in time but the possibility you will be penalized Google and your blog permanently can not 
top it anymore.

Video Social
Mobile social networks such as Twitter and Instagram are growing fast. A survey shows that social networking users tend to prefer watching 
videos rather than having to stop reading an article. Video social is also part of the spillover effect, also known as viral video.

Message Advertisement

Social networks are growing in large numbers. Take the example of Facebook, you post a message via messenger with attractive message 
is a discount code or a promotion, users are interested and will buy your link.

Email Marketing